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The Fandom Catalogs

Ever had trouble finding a community that fit your needs in a specific fandom? LJ has thousands of communities out there, without a very effective way of locating one that meets your specific needs. Interest searches can take quite awhile to help you find the community you are looking for.

The solution?
The Fandom Catalogs!

What exactly is The Fandom Catalogs?
This is simply a catalog, or library of all the fandom communities.

How does it work?
Easy as pie actually. Our giant post of Fandom Topics is divided into Movies, TV, Music, Musicals and Other. Every fandom on our records will be found in this post. Every single fandom links to it's own post filled with communities all relating to that fandom. Every Fandom Post is organized into categories, making it easier to find the community you are looking for.

Here's an example. Go the to the Fandom Topics. Scroll down till you see the section TV. Click on the show Alias. Now you are at Alias' fandom page. And there you will find hundreds of communities related to Alias, in their specific categories.

Oh okay, that sounds easy.
That's the point!

So where do you get all these communities from?
From you! This community depends on the submission of communities from fans like you. All you have to do is go to this post and leave a comment with as many communities you can think of that aren't listed. For all community mods, this is the easiest free publicity you will ever get.

What are the requirements for getting a community in your catalog?
We really have no requirements. The point of this catalog is to make community searching easier for everyone. However, we cannot do that without having active communities. All we ask is that any community you submit has at least 10 members.

Do I have to be a mod to submit a community?
Nope, you don't even need to be a member of the submitted community. You just need to know it exists and where to put it.

What information do you need when I submit a community for your catalog?
Name of the Community:
Name of the Fandom it belongs to:
A sub category to put it in:

What if a community belongs to more then one Fandom or the Fandom isn't listed?
We have a section for Multiple Fandoms. The fandom pairings may already have a page, and if not we will make one. Same goes for new fandoms. If a fandom isn't listed, the mods will create a new page for the fandom.

What if the community's fandom does not have a category for it or belongs to two categories?
No category? No problem. We can always add new categories. However, if the community belongs to two categories let us know. The mods will decide whether the community should just be put into one category, or if it legitimately belongs in both categories.

The Fandom Topics Post Is Found Here.

Submit Communities Here.

Your mods are

Remember, it takes a lot of work to maintain the catalogs, to please be patient and kind to your mods. We try our best. :)